Welcome to my reality

How many times you found yourself¬† in situation of hearing about some conflict between two persons and when hearing the first person’s version it seems like this person is right. Also then when hearing the version of the second person seems that this person is right too. How come? How is it possible that both […]

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How to get better reputation?

They say it’s important that other people like you. It’s important to be recognized by others. It’s important to get approval from others. It’s important to pay attention to what other people think of you. They say YOUR REPUTATION IS IMPORTANT. Better take care of it. Is it really? Well, lets see! First of all, […]

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3 keys for massive achievement

I wanted to summarize and share the major changes that contributed to my complete turn-around. There are three major changes I made, that brought me rapid results in contexts of life like health, relationships, business and fulfillment in general. Those are the following: Rising my standards Doing the most “unpleasant” tasks first Modeling the best […]

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Getting back on track – My personal story

Upon request on some of you who noticed the CHANGE in me I’ve decided to share my story of transformation. Although hasn’t ended yet, this year was amazing for me and really transformational. I became a “Personal development¬† junkie” and started to read (hear) as many as I could books (audio) about personal development, spirituality […]

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How strong are your boundaries?

Are you a person that hasn’t really defined clearly what bothers you and you accept pretty much any behavior from others as long as you get approval from them? Or you have defined boundary around things that you want and you don’t want to accept from others, but you don’t express and defend that very […]

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I’m a God, but not the God

We all come from the same source, from the same creator, THE DIVINE and therefore we are an expression of THE DIVINE in different physical forms! THE DIVINE is the source of unlimited resources and if we are an expression of it, we have access to these resources! We all were born with the ability […]

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On becoming enlightened

What does it means to become conscious or aware? What is enlightenment? How did Jim Carry awakened into awareness? These are some of the questions that will personally Jim Carry try to answer through his inspiration by the spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle and his two well known books “The power of NOW” and “The new […]

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What do you value most?

People have different values (family, success, glory, freedom, duty or even global good) withing different contexts (career, relationships, family or life in general) and based on their values they tend to motivate themselves and act upon them. This also means that their values are not their wishes or goals. As matter of fact they could […]

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Do you want to have more time?

Often times we find ourselves overwhelmed by a bunch of TODO lists, being too busy or totally stressed up, lacking the time for the things that are important to us. So when it comes to the point of wanting to do something for us like to go on a trip or travel, to go exercise […]

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